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I have experience with using low tuned harps. I brought a Hammond Mouth Organ in Low F, have had no problems, but it hasn't seen a lot of play. I purchased a Low E Hohner Big River, and have had no problems. I had purchased a Seydel Session Steel Low D, and had a reed crack, I think it was 6 draw. I got a replacement, same model, Low D, had reed failure again, again #6 draw. I brought a Seydel Blues Session, Low D, and had a reed crack. I had 2 Seydel Session Steels in Low C, which have worked out pretty well. I spoke to two people from Seydel. I was told that when playing Low Tuned harps, it requires varying your technique, and using less force with draws and blows. I think a looser embouchure and more chordal playing works better with Low Tuned Harps. I hope this helps. I love the sound of the Low Tunings, especially my Low C Seydel Session Steel, while vamping on Sonny Boy's "Bye, Bye Bird"


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> Looking to buy low tuned harmonicas...anybody could give some advice in whats good for the money?
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