[Harp-L] New CD from Rosco

I have a website up to promote my new CD. It has a little bit about my
music history, the players on the CD, where to buy it, some sound samples,
and all the lyrics. It seems to me that most folks don't actually care that
much about lyrics, but I do!
I wrote all of these songs. This is not a 'harmonica' record, but I think
there is some interesting harp in there. I have spent years trying to
figure out how to fit harmonica into songs rather fitting songs into
harmonica. If I had to put this project into a genre it would fit most
closely into 'Americana'. Most of the tunes have some harp - the one
extended harp solo is at the end of '7 a.m.'
You can easily buy the hard copy or a digital version of the CD at CD Baby.
CD Baby is a very easy and trustworthy online distributer for music.
I hope you all check it out!




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