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Christopher Sprankle wrote:
<I play harp with a rock band out of Canada when they're down in the mid-Atlantic.  A lot of times we play small to medium sized bars, and my little <67 Gibson Explorer is great for those venues.  However, we sometimes play outdoor concerts for large crowds or in larger rooms.  My amp can sometimes <get by when mic'd, but I'd prefer something that is louder.   I was thinking of buying a larger amp, but I've decided on a modeler to plug into the <PA, because when the band is not around, I'll never use the large amp.  I also don't really want to fork over $1000+ for a large amp.  I normally <play through an SM-57 or RE-10 mic.  Can someone give me a suggestion on what I should buy?  I also plan to purchase one of Richard Hunter's patch <kits.  I don't really need a whole lot of different sounds.  I'm actually happy with the tone I get out of my Gibson, and it works with the rock <music I'm playing with them.  Of course, I would definitely experiment with other
< tones if they were available.  How exactly is the patch downloaded and then uploaded to the modeler?  I tried to search for this info in the Harp-L <archives, but the search isn't working for me.

I recommend that you take a look at this page concerning what to buy, especially if you're planning to use one of my patch sets:

Short summary: If you like the sound of the Gibson, I'd go for a Digitech RP360XP or RP500, both of which have the Gibson GA-40 amp and cab models.  Given that you don't need a whole lot of different sounds, the 360XP might be your best choice. The 500 is tops if you like to change up your sounds frequently in performance.

Either way, the patch set is supplied by me as a ZIP file.  You get download instructions when you purchase, and I always follow up with an email that includes the patch set as an attachment, just in case the download goes south.  You unzip the patch set ZIP file to your hard drive, then you use Digitech's free software--Nexus for the 360, Xedit for the 500--to load it into the RP.  I provide instructions for that.  The software is free at

It's a pretty simple process, and it works.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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