[Harp-L] George Goodman's Harmonica Cheat Sheet

George Goodman's "Harmonica Cheat Sheet" Kindle  publications is deal that is hard to beat. The brief publication -- booklet? -- features a blues harp chart, major key degrees of scales  and circle of fifths. Like a pocket reference. There are a few quibbles, but mostly it's on the mark. 

I think if came out to about 12 pages when I paged through it. Since the font size is user adjustable, it could be any length. But it's not very long. So it won't take up much space on your iPhone.

And the price is right. It's free. LIKE in NO CHARGE.

You just download it from  Amazon Kindle.


FYI: The Kindle reading apps work on PC, iMac, iPod, Iphone. So once you download a book or publication, you can read it on virtually any platform you own. So you don't need a Kindle brand reader to read Kindle publications.

Keep on harping

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