Re: [Harp-L] wood combs and hohner

Interesting discussion, and I'm glad some folks are enjoying my new
3D-printed Universal combs, which fit all the various Hohner 12 hole
chromatic models. 


Barbeque Bob wrote: "The one big difference between the reed plates of a
standard 270 and the 270 Deluxe besides the former being nailed to the comb
and the latter being attached with screws is the fact that the reed plates
on the 270 Deluxe is roughly 30% THICKER than the standard 270's are (that's
just the reed plates and NOT the reeds themselves), which makes them play
louder and more aggressively, much like the difference between the Toots
Mellow Tone and the Toots Hard Bopper reed plates are."


The Discovery reedplates are also extra-thick, so the same effect applies.






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