Re: [Harp-L] wood combs and hohner

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the info. If you say something is good, it must be good!

On his website Brendan says he has two varieties, the 'advanced' and the
'extreme'. Have you tried both? If so is the 'extreme' significantly better?



On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 1:32 PM, jon kip <jon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I advise not settling for  the discovery combs and opting for the
> Universal Combs that Brendan's making. Similar price, I think, but the
> redesigned ramping is better, the fit is easier, and the end product is
> better.
> NB, my experience is limited to replacing deluxe 270 combs with various
> kinds of combs, including acrylic and the discovery, and now, with the
> redesigned ramped combs from Brendan.
> I also replaced one from a mellow tone, which involved some basic drilling
> to replace the nails. Brendan has a video about that process, and, on my
> web site, there's a page which tells about which drill press to NOT buy,
> and on that page, there's a detailed description of a slightly different
> replacement process from what Brendan suggests....both work.
> And, I see someone here has offered to do that work for
> I've tested three kinds of replacement combs, on about 20 instruments,
> give or take, and the nine I've done with the computer printed combs are
> better. They respond better. They fit nicely, and , so far (only a month)
> they don't change size and/or shape, ....if that changes, I'll let you all
> know....
> I have never replaced a comb on a normal , nailed , 270, because I don't
> use them, but it can't be much different from doing the mellow tone, and if
> you screw up, it's a less expensive experiment.
> With the deluxes, which already have the bolts rather than the nails, it's
> a fifteen minute job to replace the comb. The effect of this replacement on
> a "so so" instrument is very striking, and, with some minor tweaking, makes
> for a pretty cool improvement.
> With the nailed ones, you might shake and sweat during the first-time
> process if you do it yourself, as I did, the first time, but you could look
> at it as one of those "growth" experiences we go thru in our
> lifetimes...which make us, in theory, better people...or, optionally, not.
> Having some brief panic times probably make the rest of your life seem
> really calm....
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