[Harp-L] NYC July 28 - Aug 2

Dear NYC Harp Players

I'm part of a military 3-bus move into NYC next week and would like to
arrange time and place to get together with some harpers to play some
harmonica!  Maybe we can do some advant garde harmonica trio reboot, or
just some jamming.

I am scheduled to drop my passengers at the Renaissance New York Times
Square Hotel at 4:30 Tuesday, then I go the Meadowlands Plaza Hotel in
Secaucus, NJ, where I will stay all week.

Wednesday, I'll be driving NYC tour with a step-on tour guide from 8:00
until noon. Then I got back to Secaucus and off duty.

Thursday and Friday, I am off duty all day with no use of the bus. THURSDAY
is the best for me to get together anytime during the day.

Saturday, I'll drop my passengers at Battery Park at 9:30, pick them up at
3:00pm, drop them at the Renaissance, then I go back to Secaucus and off

Sunday, I'll load at the Renaissance at noon, headed back to Washington DC
Crystal City and Pentagon Towers.

If you have a gig or we can get together, send an email!


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