Re: [Harp-L] Octave pedal

I'd recommend one of the following:
Electro-harmonix Pith Fork - great! Bunch of functionality besides octaves
and very reasonable price. My choice.
Boss PS-6 Harmonist. Bunch of functonality too.
Electro-harmonix MicroPOG. Too pricey for octaves only.
possible Electro-harmonix NanoPOG  will work good too (didn't try it yet).

I'd not recommend you Line6, Digitech or Zoom stuff because they affects
dry portion of your tone. Possible you will not notice it, but for me the
difference is really noticeable.

2015-07-15 20:08 GMT+03:00 Brian Irving <brian.irving@xxxxxxxxx>:

> What do y'all recommend as a reasonably priced and easy to use  pedal to
> shift the harp sound an octave down?
> Brian

Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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