RE: [Harp-L] Irish Reel with Jianpu Notation

 Winslow wrote:

"Nashville number notation does apply to both melody and harmony. Not sure whether it distinguishes among octaves." 

I just did a Google search on that Winslow. I found several threads saying that Nasvile number system applied only to chords, or that it could be used for melodies in writing down short signature riffs, but nothing substantial or widely used. If it is used much at all, the melody side of Nashville notation certainly doesn't seem nearly as extensively  and elegantly worked out as Jianpu.

I'd say the two of them should get together! It could be a fine example of USA/China co-operation - a rare thing these days... 

Come to think of it, this could be Obama's 21st century version of ping-pong diplomacy: finding a mutually agreeable cultural common ground to share ideas on rather than sabre rattle, and in that way bring the two great powers closer together for better mutual understanding on weightier matters. 

I'm happy to play the Henry Kissinger role if asked ;-)


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