Re: [Harp-L] Octave pedal

"Brian Irving" wrote:
<What do y'all recommend as a reasonably priced and easy to use  pedal to
<shift the harp sound an octave down?

Dedicated pitch shifters run anywhere from $150 up to several hundred; the most expensive devices are multiphonic shifters that will do multiple shifts in parallel.  MultiFX devices like the Line 6 M13 can do the same job for a little less money.  Actually, you can find Digitech iStomps selling for $50 used, and when you load the free Swing Shift app into one of those, it's a very usable multiphonic pitch shifter.

I'm a big fan of the pitch shifter in the Digitech RP devices; it's very accurate and it tracks instantly, even with chords and bent notes.  It will only do one shift at a time, which is why I pair my RPs with a Digitech iStomp running Swing Shift, a multiphonic pitch shifter.

The pitch shifter in my Vox Stomplab works nicely too, and at $80 new it's pretty reasonable.  With any muliFX device you need to spend the time needed to learn how to program it, of course.

Regards, RIhcard Hunter

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