[Harp-L] Re: hohner blues blaster xlr cord

The Blues Blaster and the sister mic's from CAD and Astatic are wired pin 3 
 hot.  This is common for hi-z XLR applications.  You can  rewire the XLR 
connector in the mic to pin 2 hot and then it will work with a  standard lo-z 
pin 2 hot XLR cable.  Or you can convert a standard  XLR to pin 3 hot if 
you prefer to keep the mic original.
I've 'fixed' dozens of these mic's over the phone, very often the cable  
gets swapped and the mic 'doesn't work'.  Other problems pop up as well,  
these are not well made microphones.  As yours has the  long discontinued MC-151 
it's likely worth repairing or rewiring as  long as the element is still 
ok.  If you are not comfortable doing this  work yourself, then there are 
qualified tech's on harp-l, myself included, who  can do it correctly for a fair 
price.  I like Greg Heumann's work as  well.  If you are going to SPAH next 
month Greg will be there as a  vendor.
As long as you do not apply phantom power or test it with an  ohm meter, 
the crystal element should be safe to test direct into an  amp using different 
wiring configurations, unlikely you will 'fry'  it.  BUT... never, EVER 
apply voltage to a crystal element! 
Hit me up off list if you need any more info, always willing to help.   
Either by email or through my Harmonica Planet website where you can request my 
 free Harp Mic Buyers Guide:   www. harmonicaplanet.com 
Christopher Richards
Twin Tone Microphones - Tone Defender Cables
Staging & Production - SPAH   www. spah.org
Producer - International Blues Blowoff
Harmonica & Vocals - The Well Diggers
Rockin' Billy writes:  I believe that hot goes to pin two and  ground to 
pin one, leaving pin three with nothing. Can anyone verify this for  me?

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