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Billie Lee was a part of the Sun/Sam Phillips stable of Rockabilly artists in the early 50's. From what I read, he was as talented as Jerry Lee, Johnny, Carl and maybe even Elvis! I recall seeing in the outstanding "The Blues" series by Scorcese, a conversation with Sun alumni, and Billy Lee gently confronted Sam Phillips for mismanaging his career. Sam claimed he was so busy promoting Jerry Lee that he might have failed to do right by Billie . At the end of the segment, Billie Lee is seen leaving the meeting playing "Amazing Grace" a capellini on the harmonica. 

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> Hey thanks you all for looking this up. I pulled Billy Lee up on You Tube and found his Funk Harmonica LP. I understand why the harp sounded as it did on Dean Martin's song. Understand that , that's his style of playing, and yes he was a multi instrument guy, but in my taste did not like his harmonica playing style. My own opinion and yes for the time it  was recorded , it was more accepted. Guess we shouldn't go back and critique styles of past . Thanks againJerl Welch

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