[Harp-L] Audix Fireball V

I am back in Africa on Christian Mission, and (of course) include my  
harmonica playing as a part of my ministry. I have to travel "light" so there is  
no way I can bring an amplifier around with me, for where there is 
electricity,  here. So I am using the Church PA systems. Last time I visited Africa 
doing the  same thing, I used my trusty Shure SM58 mic, which worked just 
fine. But at the  moment I am using my Audix Fireball V. This is IDEAL! It has 
a built  in volume control, so when setting up, I set it at 50% so if some 
poor sound  person messes with my volume at the amplifier, I have control. 
If held at a  distance the Fireball mic is fine for an acoustic sound, if 
cupped, it can be  overdriven for a mild "Chicago" tone.
My bluesy harp style fits in just fine with traditional East African music. 
 It is a true JOY for me to be bringing African American style music back 
to  mother Africa.
John "Whiteboy" Walden
AKA Rev Dr VJ Walden, Pastor.
Just now in:
Mombasa, Kenya.

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