[Harp-L] Used Special 20 Harps for sale

I have come across a bunch of Harps (mostly Special 20s) from a "lot" of other musical stuff I got from a guy down in Fla.   He died about a year ago and his wife and I made a deal on a bunch of his gear.   If somebody has a sonic cleaner and needs a bunch of good harps for customizing and such..............I will be happy to sell them for $10.00 each.   I have EVERY key available ( I think).....**I'm a Seydel guy, so I have no need for them. Also in the box is what appears to be a BRAND NEW Hohner CX 12 in the key of D.   $120.00 for that.    I have a BUNCH of lee Oscar reed plates, in the original packaging--never used--that I have not done inventory on yet, but will be posting them soon. Also have a bunch of Lee Oscar harps that I have not gone through to see if they are used or not.
The Special 20s are in good shape and in the original boxes.   I'd like to find them a good home.   
You may contact me through my email---mwesolowski@xxxxxxxxxxx for keys and quantities.
Harp on, my friends...........

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