Re: [Harp-L] re: me and mr. Hohner

Yes, but if it wasn't for all the crap harmonica players (or people who
 stick a harp in their gob and breath)
there wouldn't be hardly any harmonica players, and hardly any sales, and
they's stop making 'em, and we'd all
have to play something else. Now that would be a bad thing....wouldn't it??
Bobby couldn't play harp for nuts, but I forgive him, on account of all the
other good things he did (he ain't the only Bobby who couldn't play
harp, but did, with nobody holding it against him)

On 7 July 2015 at 09:25, BGB <jaguire@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Very entertaining Bobby Darin song!  Subversive. Never heard it before.
> With very lame harmonica playing.  Once again,  just because some guy is
> the singer in a band he thinks he has a license to play the harmonica no
> matter how little he knows about playing it or how hard he sucks.
> Cletus  White.

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