[Harp-L] 2015 SPAH Blues Blowoff - 1st Announcement

The pre SPAH blues blowoff looks once again to be a 'must see'  show.  I'm 
going to offer a brief outline here... follow  the links to reveal 
additional info.  This year brings minor  changes which should prove to be positives 
for all.  
Tuesday Aug 11, 2015 marks the highly anticipated return of  Jason Ricci 
into the lineup, + there will be several fresh faces...  including the 
legendary Kansas City bluesman John Long, Dale Spalding  (front man for Canned Heat 
since 2007), + Denver's own Ronnie  Shellist!  Around a dozen world class 
acts one after the next, including of  course the popular Youth Showcase.  
You're gonna' dig the house band  too!
Change 1.  Although endorsed by SPAH and tightly woven into  the culture of 
the convention, this show has never been an 'official' part  of SPAH.  
There has been much confusion as to whether the  cover is included in your 
convention registration.  The answer to that  has always been NO, but it's been 
called the SPAH blowoff and  therefore the question persists.  To illustrate 
the separation  that has always been in place, this event will now be billed 
as the  'International Blues Blowoff".
The relationships have not changed, SPAH will always be  PROMINENTLY on 
display.  I'm just trying to clarify things, and at the same  time highlight 
the international nature of this unique event.
Change 2.  There will be advance ticket sales this year!  About  3/4 is 
general admission, but for those who must have a chair &  table there is some 
reserved seating available right in front of  the stage.  The room is the 
Soiled Dove Underground, a newer  highly acclaimed 300 seat music venue.  Not a 
bad seat in the  house here, clear close views of the stage from 
everywhere.  Some of the  space will be set up as standing room to accommodate the 
expected  crowd.  Tickets are available NOW.
This is my home turf, with my connections here I  reasonably expect to sell 
out this show.  Advance tickets  are therefore recommended.  I will hold a 
block of tickets  for out-of-town SPAH convention attendees, but it won't be 
enough for all,  so once again get them in advance to insure admission.
SPAH members, and members of participating blues societies will receive a  
$10 discount off of the standard $25 & $30 ticket prices!  This  means that 
the cost of a General Admission ticket will remain at the  same $15 level as 
the last few years.  No word on  a convention shuttle yet, it may or may 
not happen this year.
Paste the below link into your browser to see the rest of the lineup,  
venue and ticket links, menu's, photos, directions and seating charts.  -be sure 
to close the gap between the first dot and harmonicaplanet-  

www. harmonicaplanet.com    And then hit the  Blues Blowoff tab.  Be sure 
to also click on the SPAH tab while  you're there, the lineup at the 
convention is spectacular!
Christopher Richards
www. harmonicaplanet.com
Staging & Production - SPAH   www. spah.org
Producer - The International Blues Blowoff
Twin Tone Microphones - Tone Defender Cables

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