Re: [Harp-L] Miguel Weissman Gig and video promotion

Miguel Weissman wrote:
<My fellow harmonica players. It's been a long time! For those who do not know me, I've been playing off and on professionally for 30 years mainly in <the New York area.Ã I would like to re-introduce my self with this video promotion for our FEB 08 performance @ the SoirÃÂe SpÃÂciale Django at The <Iridium in Manhattan.

Hi Miguel, great news!  There were multiple links in your message, whose format was a little bit messy on the harp-L summary I get; can you please specify which of those links is the promotion for the gig?

For those new to Miguel's work, I ran a blog post on Sep. 8 2011 that featured Miguel blasting a big harp lead on Dean Landew's record.  At the time I noted that it sounded like Springsteen with Magic Dick in the band.  You can hear it for yourself at: 

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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