[Harp-L] EQ to house PA

I play Digitech RP-355 FX with Audix Fireball-V direct to the board in the
room. Twice recently I have received comments that SOME of my notes and
sounds are too bright.

I work out my patches at home with the powered monitor I that use to
perform, and they are very close to "as delivered" from Richard Hunter.
When the house runs my channel FLAT (no + or - in any band) I usually get
what I want and expect.

Could be that SOME house sound people see HARP on stage, and only are
familiar with BULLET mics, so they boost the high frequencies. (Bullets are
known for peak response in the vocal range of 250 Hz, with a fairly steep
drop off above and below that point.)

My best approach is to ask the sound person for flat EQ to start. But I MAY
attenuate just a tiny bit of highs on my patches, too. (You know I want
control of perfection at all times, don't you? <grin>)

Your experience, please?

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

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