[Harp-L] Re: Korg Pandora WAS Zoom G3

It appears that the Korg Pandora Mini has been discontinued by the manufacturer; the Pandora Stomp is the replacement. In terms of specs, the Stomp appears to be a Mini in a stompbox form factor: slightly larger, slightly more expensive, more rugged, exactly the same amount and variety of amps, FX, etc.

I don't know yet whether patches made for a Stomp will run on a Mini as well; I'll find that out soon.  Unless that's the case, I'm not likely to develop patches for the Mini; it's just not very wise for me to put in lots of time on a device that's been discontinued. (It's hard enough to keep up with the changes for devices that are still in production, and there's not much point in developing patches for devices that can't be found in a store.)

Stay tuned for more on this topic as I try to suss out Korg's devices.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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