Re: [Harp-L] Zoom G3

"Brendan Power" wrote:
>It's nice to see Richard now branching out from the Digitech range. I don't
>own either the Digitech or Zoom G3 units; instead I use the Korg Pandora -
>because of its small size (suitable for mounting on a mic-stand for finger
>operation, which is what I prefer). I have the older PX5D which is about the
>size of a cigarette pack, but the newer Pandora Mini is half the size, with
>much the same functionality. An incredible amount of sound shaping
>capability in such a tiny unit!
>I have a few favourite patches I use a lot but have not delved in nearly as
>comprehensively as Richard does with his devices. I hope you'll turn your
>sights on the Pandora soon, Richard!

Well, it isn't every day that Brendan Power asks you to cook up something for him, as opposed to him cooking up something for everyone else.  I took a look at what Korg is offering now.  It appears that the Pandora Mini is still in production, at least from a look at Korg's site, though it's not available right now on,,, or  However, I see that Korg has created a new device, the Pandora Stomp, that retails for $129.99 (as opposed to $99 for the Mini)--a nice price point--and includes all the stuff you'd see in the Mini plus more.  It runs on a 9V battery too, which is getting to be more important for me.  I seem to recall that Robert Hale had an issue with a Pandora where there was a lot of noise recording direct to a console; I wonder whether the D/A and A/D converters in the Mini are up to the spec of the Stomp.  Once I wrap up the G3, I'll take a look at it.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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