[Harp-L] The Harmonica Project

Hi all,

I am putting together a master list of all harmonicas manufactured since
the 1800's. This will combine the Whiteman Anthology with Harland's Hohner
list and whatever lists anyone and everyone can send me.

I will transcribe all the printed lists and convert all digital lists, so
we have one database. The final will be available for everyone.
Photographs, id's, whatever you have on your collection will be welcomed.

Link to my blog, top entry is about this list:
www.HarmonicasRock.com <http://www.harmonicasrock.com/>

The Harmonica Project is basically for vintage harps but any and all harp
collection information is welcomed.

Use my email address for mailing digital files, photographs, etc and if you
have paper than is not digitized, send me an email. I have access to an
excellent scanner.

Great song with Steve Katz on the Harp.

Miriam Lefkowitz

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