[Harp-L] Zoom G3

I got on to the Korg Pandora after seeing Brendan use it at the 2010 Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival. It sits comfortably on an outstretched hand, and runs for about 6 hours on 2 AA batteries.

I get very decent clean sounds from it, you can hear them at http://cafeharmonica.com I use it with an Audix Fireball V mic and an impedance converter, Richard does likewise with his Digitech devices.

I'm a fan of Richard's approach, and like many would trust his analytical mind over my own to get the best harmonica sounds out of amp modelling devices. I do have an RP350, loaded with Richards patches. However I rarely use it, due mostly to the 9V AC power supply, also the size of the RP350 compared to the Korg Pandora.

It's great to see Richard applying his skills to the Zoom G3. It is perhaps too much to ask him to also tackle the Korg Pandora. If he does I'll be first in line to buy the his patches.

Tony Eyers
everyone plays...

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