[Harp-L] Re: Zoom G3

I think it's great that Richard Hunter is devoting his time and skills to
creating harp-friendly patches for various digital sound-modelling devices.
I like this approach to getting a variety of cool harp sounds, as it suits
the air-travelling musician. You can carry your personal favourite sounds
with you in a small, light package that can go in your carry-on bag along
with your harps. Then plug into the PA wherever you play and you get a
pretty consistent sound from gig to gig, without hassle.


It's nice to see Richard now branching out from the Digitech range. I don't
own either the Digitech or Zoom G3 units; instead I use the Korg Pandora -
because of its small size (suitable for mounting on a mic-stand for finger
operation, which is what I prefer). I have the older PX5D which is about the
size of a cigarette pack, but the newer Pandora Mini is half the size, with
much the same functionality. An incredible amount of sound shaping
capability in such a tiny unit!


I have a few favourite patches I use a lot but have not delved in nearly as
comprehensively as Richard does with his devices. I hope you'll turn your
sights on the Pandora soon, Richard!



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