[Harp-L] Need your help

Folks: While I have not signed the contract yet, it looks 99.9% likely that
I am going to play a big festival in Chicago this summer. I'm trying to get
my head around the logistics of this trip, and I really need help on two

1) I am flirting with the idea of using a Chicago-area bassist and drummer
for my festival set. Can someone recommend a pair of ringers for me? I need
players who are rooted in blues and jazz but can play anything... my songs
have elements of jazz (not hardcore bebop, but more along the lines of
standards and walking bass that transcends simple 1-4-5) and rock, and are
a lot closer to pop constructions than straight blues.  In other words,
they should be equally comfortable with James Cotton, Miles Davis, or Peter

2) I am going to need to book at least a couple of other gigs between here
(Jackson, Mississippi) and Chicago to make the trip feasible. Ideal
locations: Chicago city, Chicago suburbs, St. Louis, Indianapolis,
Louisville KY, Memphis, Nashville... but I am open to other possibilities
as long as they make logistical sense. As I may be using a Chicago rhythm
section for the festival itself, at least one of these additional gigs
could be acoustic (duo or trio).

Thoughts, ideas, connections, good vibes all welcome. Thanks in advance,

*"**Scott Albert Johnson's debut mixes blues, rock, folk and jazz, unified
by first-rate harmonica playing." *(Maureen Palli*, Relix*)

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