[Harp-L] Re: "Keepers of the Streak" Friday night at 7 PM Eastern

Richard Hunter wrote:
>Just before the end of 2014, I did a couple of recording sessions for an ESPN made-for-TV movie called âKeepers of the Streak.â  The plot is basically an excuse to run 50 years of Superbowl highlights, and if you like football you'll probably enjoy those moments.  The music is country-rockish stuff, and thereâs a lot of harmonica on itâat least there was when I did the sessions (I haven't heard the final mix yet).
>If youâre interested, this thing is going to run on ESPN tomorrow (Friday) night at 7 PM Eastern.  You are required to bring your own popcorn, beer, and buffalo wings; otherwise, the show is free (assuming you have ESPN, of course; otherwise itâs just not there, and you can do anything you like on Friday night instead).

I've just been informed by Brian Keane, the composer for this movie, that ESPN cut a bunch of country songs I played on, but left one with plenty of harp on it in the credits. My harmonica work is also featured in both act one and the top of act two.  So if you're surfing this movie for the harp, once you get past the top of act 2, you can head straight for the credits.  (Unless you actually want to see the whole movie... like I said, if you like football...)

regards, Richard Hunter

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