[Harp-L] NEW HARP: 10 Hole Paddy Richter Slide Diationic

Over the years since I first recorded with it on my 1994 album "New Irish
Harmonica", Paddy Richter tuning has steadily gained in popularity for Irish
and folk melodies.


So far it's only been available on the blues harp, but I now have a 10 hole
Paddy Richter harp with a slider in the keys of D and G. It's in my Slide
Diatonic configuration, where the slider raises each note to the next note
of the home scale. That gives a harp player easy, harmonious slide
decorations, similar to the ones on whistle, flute and fiddle. 


This is a new and unique harmonica. More info, photos and a demo video here:





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