Re: [Harp-L] PentaBender tuning--fully chromatic with draw bends!

I was interested in this tuning about three years ago and I think it's
really a cool one. I'm a bit lazy to be free with it, but I have two of
them and I even have a student who play this tuning only. The only
difference, I prefer to start it from A, this way it needs overblow only on
holes 4 and 8 to get a full chromatic scale. 5 hole overblow is better than
4th hole overblow.

2015-01-15 23:52 GMT+03:00 Gary Lehmann <gnarlyheman@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Roger Meyerson has devised a variation of the Newton Fourkey that turns out
> to also be a derivative of Brendan Power's Power Chromatic tuning.
> I would surprised if Bren has not come up with it on his own! But I heard
> about it from Roger, and here is a recap.
> The tuning has two pentatonic scales, a whole step apart, with blow being
> lower than draw, and a half step bend on each hole. There are three
> enharmonics in each octave, and no accidentals.
> So in the key of C, the pattern is |C d | D e | F g | G a | A b |
> The two pentatonics are F and G, so that the draw position is much like
> second position.
> But the tuning is fully chromatic with draw bends.
> This is just like Power Chromatic, which is F6/G6, except with the added
> hole, you can draw bend the b6.
> More to the point, since the draw chord (it's a pentatonic scale, but you
> get my drift) is the dominant, there are strong similarities to cross harp,
> which is what most of the harmonica players I encounter employ to play the
> harmonica.
> Expect a video soon--oops, NAMM is next week, expect a video by spring thaw
> Gary Lehmann
> AKA Gnarly
> Alternate tuning fanatic

Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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