[Harp-L] Mission 32-20 amp for sale

I'm going to try harp-l once more before putting this on Ebay. I bought this great amp on harp-l recently and as an afterthought 
realized it was a impulse buy. I have looked at and wanted one for quite some time and saw this one and jumped on it, then realizing later, I'm 
66 years old and only play a couple of times a month in small clubs. 
Duh! I have used it out once and it does sound as good as it looks, but I can use the money more than having this beautiful amp sitting around. I just want to get my money back and am putting the stats from the 
previous ad. The only thing different about it is because the tweed 
covering didn't have much lacquer so I put a couple coats of amber 
shellac on it. I have used this several times in amp building and it is 
very protective and gives the amp a more vintage look. This amp has a 
Jensen P10Q and an Eminence Lil' Buddy for speakers. I would consider a trade for a smaller amp. Don't miss the chance to get one of these awesome amps at a good price and no build time wait. 

(There is currently a 30 day delay in the production. Get yours NOW!)

Replacement cost is $1,400.00

Asking $1,200.00 or reasonable offer, and I'll cover shipping. (Custom D2F cover included)

Here are some of the Chicago 32-20 and 50 features:

-Two power models, 32-20 watts or 50-26 watts in multiple cabinet configurations, 
  1x12, 2x10, 1x15, 3x10, or 12-10 combo. 
  Built in modest sized late 50's Tweed pine cabinets.
Just like the originals from the 50's

Other cabinet and speaker configurations can be made available, call or email for more info.

-Heavy duty steel chassis, powder coated in white'ish biege with dark brown inking and dark brown knobs

-All hand wired point-to-point with a hand made eyelet board, by a master amp builder. Beautifully crafted.

-Every finished amp is rigorously tested by a pro player.

- Comes with a three year limited Warranty.

-Cloth-covered solid core wiring. Real vintage style wiring.

-NOS military-grade Paper in Oil, tone capacitors. Greasy dark, warm, lush tone.

-Very hip, DEEP Switch in the Chicago series for fatter tone. A Mission Amps proprietary feature.

-Power tubes are switchable from Fixed Bias to Cathode Biased in the Chicago series.

-Beefy high current power transformer.  Custom made in the USA.  Powerful, overbuilt, excellent power and solid bottom end,

-All models use custom made, High-Q, high wattage output transformers.
All transformers are made in the USA!!  No Asian rim crap here... All American Made!!
The 32-20 uses the classic, vintage style OT with fat windings, open frame, stick wound and paper  bobbin.
The 50 wat Chicago amp uses a bell covered, paper bobbin high power output transformer.

-Preamp is Optimized for bullet mics (including crystal), Shure SM57, RE-10 and other microphones.

-Separate Bass, Treble, and  preamp Volume controls.
Remote mounted, mini switch under the chassis for mic gain BOOST.

-Line Out jack with line out Level Control on top for easy access.
Perfect for PA, recording or driving another amp located at the other end of the stage!!

-Tweed style cabinets are covered in real, brown twill tweed & coated with light amber tinted, nitro lacquer.
  However, other coverings can be made available.
  Solid pine carcass, finger jointed, with a high grade, floating plywood baffle board.
Get to me if interested, Lare "Shoeshine" Sattler    The Little Chicago Band    Canton, Ohio

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