[Harp-L] Re: Inexpensive alternative to treating your room for recording

Burke Trieschmann wrote:
<What I ended up getting is a similar, though unique device from Harlan Hogan at Voice Over Essentials, called the "Porta Booth Pro".  
<or the less expensive "Porta Booth Plus"

Thanks for the pointers Burke.  One look at the pictures at the links you provided is enough to show that these devices do indeed block sound entering from the bottom and top as well as the back and sides.  The price for the Porta Booth Plus is also under $200, so these things are still much less expensive and easy to set up than a full room treatment (with absorptive panels on the walls, bass traps in the corners--sheesh).  

I'm not dumping my reflexion filter yet, but I know where to go when I need an upgrade.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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