RE: [Harp-L] Irish Harp and Mouth Harp Combine

Thanks Mojo! Always good to hear from you.


Iâm playing the Milwaukee Irish Festival, which unfortunately is the same weekend as SPAH. However planning to get to Denver for 2-3 days days early in the week, so see you there!


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That was brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing!


I must confess, before reading your post, I knew exactly nothing about the stringed harp, except that in the right hands it's an amazingly beautiful instrument. I had no idea it was a diatonic instrument and was fascinated to read about the similar quest that stringed harp players have shared with diatonic harmonica players to achieve chromaticity. Fascinating!


The videos were wonderful. I felt like I was in your living room listening. Anne-Marie's playing is exquisite, and your accompaniment spot-on. I look forward to hearing the completed album, and I hope to see you again at the next SPAH, which, as it happens, will be in my backyard here in Denver this year.


Stay well,


Harpin' in Colorado

--Ken M, aka Mojo Red


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