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Try using an SBS-type harp a half-step higher than the minor key used to play "This Masquerade." No overblows, partly because it is low enough on the SBS to avoid 4o, 5o, etc. Start on 3rd-hole draw. It is kind of amazing, but it does work... Locrian mode?

So try a Solist Pro 12 Steel or Hohner Steve Baker 365/28SBS
as follows:

Use a LC harp for B minor
Use a LD harp for Db minor
Use an A harp for Ab minor

There will a few low bends on holes 2 and 3.

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Been working on "This Masquerade " in Dm, using a Bb And D country tune . I'd like to only use the one Bb, but for me it just not there...
Decided against the chromatic, even though I listened to a Jim Watkins on you-tube and he does a great job.

Any other thoughts or recommendations I should try...?

Jerl Welch

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