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 Thanks for posting Richard.

I looked into this unit as my main large condenser mic is a Studio Electronics SE 2200 (a great mic and value if you can afford a Nueman!).  
I do a lot of voice over recording in addition to soundtrack and traditional recording of vocals other instruments (including harmonica of course).

What I ended up getting is a similar, though unique device from Harlan Hogan at Voice Over Essentials, called the "Porta Booth Pro".  

or the less expensive "Porta Booth Plus"

These units go a few steps further than the Reflexion as they have isolation on both the top and the bottom.  The idea is that if you can't completely isolate yourself in a recording room, you can isolate the mic inside the unit thereby taking the "room" out of the equation when you go to mix.  It does not completely shut out all noise (like your neighbor's barking dogs, chain saws, or the ambient pass by's of the BART trains), but it does drop the noise floor quite a bit.  If you work in a room that has computer hard drives grinding away it will make most of that disappear.

Its also portable and can be used on a desktop or table anywhere in your house or in a hotel if you are traveling.
I've recorded many professional lead vocal projects using the unit to good effect.  Its a little tricky to get mounted on a boom stand if you want to use it that way, but the site is really helpful on what adapters and kit you need to set it up for your preferences.

I think Winslow was considering getting this unit and may have some feedback on his experience with it?


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	Hi all,

Many of the people reading this occasionally record harmonica at home.  A 
significant issue for acoustic harmonica (or any acoustic instrument) is that 
most home recording studios operate from untreated rooms that introduce very 
audible frequency peaks and troughs into the signal, not to mention unwanted 

(EDIT)This Christmas I treated myself to an sE Electronics Reflexion Filter.  
This device costs about $120, attaches easily to a mic stand, and does a lot 
more than I expected for the price to isolate a microphone from room 

The device basically surrounds the mic with a semi-circular frame containing a 
clever arrangement of foam plastic that prevents room reflections from the back 
and sides from reaching the mic.  

This thing is a very useful and reasonably priced way to improve the quality of 
"acoustic" harmonica tracks and vocals, and if you're having trouble getting 
decent sounds in your home studio, you might want to check it out.


regards, Richard Hunter


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