[Harp-L] RE: Circular Tuning with root on blow 4

Alright, so I've taken my Seydel "G" Zirk. and used blutack (though not
that brand) to lower blow 2, draw 5 and blow 9 by 1/2 step.

It now plays like an F harp... with a C in draw 2, F in blow 4, Bb in draw
5. It feels more like a Richter, but with...

Oh wait... my wife is hitting me right now because I keep going for the 8
hole OB and it does a dog whistle instead...

So I guess if I want what feels like a C harp to me, I'll need to buy a
Seydel Zirk. D harp and flatten 2 blow, 5 draw, 9 blow...

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