[Harp-L] Melody Maker Tuning

Tin Lizzie
I think converting those Sessions to Melody Makers would be a great idea,
although you would end up with some extra unused reed plates.

Also, you lose the 2nd position IV chord when you go from Country Tuned to
Melody Maker,  but are able to pick up a lot of melodies without having to
work around that pesky 3 draw bend.

If you want to send them to me, I could re-tune or reed swap them easy
Thanks for kind comments!

Tin Lizzie Asks:

Hi, Greg,

I have some Seydel Blues Session country-tuned harps that ride around in my
case all the time, and some Blues Session Paddy Richter harps that I
thought I would play a lot but ended up not.

I think I could take the blow reed plate from a Paddy Richter and the draw
reed plate from a country-tuned harp and end up with a Melody Maker.  (And
have two regular Richter reed plates, plus a comb, left over.  Such a
deal!)  Is this correct?

Is there any reason to prefer to keep the country tuned harps as they are?

Tin Lizzie

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