Re: [Harp-L] Circular harp with root on blow 4?

On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 8:20 PM, Dan Hazen <bluesmandan76@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Seydel Circular recently... a Blues Favorite in G

Hello Dan,
What melodies or scales do you want to play on it?
The notes you posted are the major scale in G. (It is also the relative
minor key of Em from Draw 1.)

Seydel names the circular by its historical factory convention, Blow 1 note
(D) but the fundamental key of this harp is G. (Convenient for the factory,
but a bugger for harp-buyers!) It IS a G harp, and I label mine according
to the Draw 2 note. (It's a D *only* to Seydel, but not to me any longer.
Get over that hurdle, and you're fine.)

If you want to play the Dm scale, buy a C Spiral, and work up from Draw 1
or Blow 5
Maybe a spin through my spiral videos will help?

It will play the things you like from Melody Maker AND from Natural Minor
tunings. This pattern COULD be placed higher or lower on the ten hole
frame, and Seydel MAY do that for you. But I recommend you get used to this
pattern instead, because it feels like second position (2P) from Draw 2,
and like Natural minor from Draw 1.

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

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