[Harp-L] classes from Madcat for HarmoniCollege 4

Here is the announced list of classes from Madcat for HarmoniCollege 4

1 - Getting a big acoustic tone
2 - Tone modulation
3 - Getting smoothly from the bottom notes to the top notes of the harmonica
4 - Playing minor keys on a major harps in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions
5 - Playing major keys in 3rd position and 12 position
6 - Leading a band / Accompanying a singer
7 - Groove Geometry
(Class subjects are subject to change)

Peter Madcat Ruth is the featured instructor for HarmoniCollege 4 held April 10 & 11, 2015.  The Harmonica Club (of Huntington, WV) is happy to host this event. This year a third cabin has been added for more lodging. This year you will have price options for lessons, lodging and meals of $200 or $150 or "classes only" for $50, 

The event starts Friday evening with "eat, meet, and great". A jam session will last until about 11pm. Saturday morning classes start at 9am and go to 5pm. There will be three 45-minute classes in the morning and four 45-minute classes in the afternoon. Saturday night we will jam until everybody nods off.

Last year was spectacular with Todd Parrot and T J Klay and things seem to only get better each year. The setting is like a country bed and breakfast. This is one place your spouse will enjoy. You will all ways have a choice of 2 classes to take. Lessons will be taught by Peter Madcat Ruth and me, Jim Rumbaugh. Go to www.hhcwv.com or www.theharmonicaclub.com for more details.

theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)

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