[Harp-L] Harmonicaster Update

Yesterday I met with the designer at the 3D print shop that I'm working with to tweak the design of the P2 prototype before we do the first print, which we'll probably start tomorrow, so I hope to have it operational enough to start showing it to players by next week. The biggest issue so far has been an echo in the tone, but I'm pretty sure that's mostly due to how I made the P1, there are a lot of resonant pieces and things are pretty much sitting in an open maple box, and I'm cautiously optimistic that the changes we implemented will result in a clean tone. Also, though the P1 works well enough right now mechanically as a harmonica, the P2 should be more responsive, with an airtight flow path. It will also look like a commercial product, not something I put together in my basement woodshop.

I also had some concerns, because of the need for compactness, that the tone and volume controls and jack for a cable would be in the way of the player's hands, but the designer did a great job. We'll be using recessed thumbwheel potentiometers for the controls and an old-school Switchcraft 2501 mic connector. The connector takes up minimal space inside the chassis, the cable screws onto it securely, and adapters to 1/4" phono plugs and jacks are readily available and fairly common in the harp world because of the popularity of vintage mics that use the same connector.

Ronnie Schreiber

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