[Harp-L] lightbox now magnifier for reed work

I use both a light box and a stereo scope but not together. 
The light coming up from the lightbox creates too much glare and eye strain.

I paid $10 for a used industrial light box at a trade show. Probably the cheapest tool purchased for the shop. haha.

With the lightbox and general use I use a pair of these. They’re a life saver in setting up the starting points on the CNC mill.   http://www.gesswein.com/p-7740-eschenbach-galilean-precision-binoculars-25x-and-4x.aspx?cpagenum=&sortfield=&sortdirection=&perpage= I own 2 pair. One 2x and one 4x.  Unlike loupes or magnifying glasses these allow you to work at arms length and are focusable to different  near distances.  Depending on where you buy them they run around $500 -700 each. I was able to get a good deal on ebay paying around $495 each for brand new pairs. 

The scope I use is out of the price range of the weekend fixer but good for regular harp tech use.  I have a 4x and 6x lens turret on mine. 
I bought mine used on ebay so I only paid $1k for it. 

Serious reed work needs serious tools. Harp techs are always upgrading their tools to improve the quality of the product and turnaround times. 

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