[Harp-L] Sp20 harps

A few weeks ago I was chastised when I posted about Special 20s, the standard ones, showing up in packaging labeled as "progressive."
I know they are supposed to be the same and the only change is the cover plates.
So I finally got my hands on a new progressive, key of G. It's going to take a lot of work to make it playable. Very similar to the Rocket I bought that I don't like.
What I have been wondering all along is if Hohner has quit producing the great harps that Special 20s used to be right out of the box. I would be interested to hear others experiences with the progressive SP 20. Are they all gapped so wide? This one could not be played at a gig without being tweaked a lot.
I have more harps now than I will likely ever need or use, so this won't affect me. I hope the SP20 continues to be great.
Steve in Minn.

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