[Harp-L] Light box for reed work.

Trying to accurately fit a new reed to a previously spot-welded Suzuki has
almost driven me insane.
Even with the help of Vern Smith's video (no spot welded reeds there) it's
still a problem. With no original rivet hole to locate the reed, it's
extremely difficult to do.
As the plates are an aluminium alloy of some sort, you can't solder, and I
have, on Vern's suggestion, been using super glue (but haven't tried the
baking-soda additive yet, Vern)
That seems to work fine, but after three tries, using either tape or
cigarette paper to get slot clearance, I haven't got it right.
One thing I badly need is a LIGHT BOX. The local art supply shop has them
for around $400!!!
Why? A frame, some perspex and a flouro light is $400??
Been meaning to make one myself, until it dawned on me: a laptop or I-pad
is a perfect lightbox.
Trust this is of some use to some other poor sod out there....

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