Re: [Harp-L] pucker-to-tongue-block switch

I was a "pucker player" for many years before I learned to tongue block, at 
 first to play octaves.
Now I play using both embouchures. But I don't need to change from one to  
the  other while playing a single note, but I do go from playing a single  
note to an octave seamlessly.. That is to go from pucker to tongue block... 
It  doesn't seem to affect the tone...
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now in:
Bonnie Scotland.
In a message dated 31/12/2014 08:13:30 GMT Standard Time, macaroni9999  

<<This question is for those of you that are expert at both  pucker and
tongue-block embouchures. Can you seamlessly (or nearly so)  switch from one
to the other embouchure while playing a continuous single  pitch? Just

Daniel  >>

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