[Harp-L] Harp L: Stuff to barter

I have the following items to barter if anyone is interested.

Low-Z Ultimate 57 complete with Bulletizer and impedance converter. Also a
Shure 585 with on/off switch in original box and with original padded paper
bag, complete with original screw on lead.
I'm looking to barter them for any decent bullet mic with a Hi-Z CM/CR
element. Astatic JT30, T3, Shure 520, 520D, 707, 440, Brown Bullet, Turner
CX/BX/CD/BD/254 and mic with Heumann element all considered. Not interested
in crystal or ceramic elements or a biscuit mic.

I also have a Tokai TDL-1 analog delay in the original box and a Lone Wolf
Harp Break (no box).
I'm looking to barter those for a Lone Wolf V1 Harp Delay in good condition.

I'm based in the UK.


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