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paul oscher wrote:
< I've been aware of the mini vent pedal for some time they say its the best
<leslie simulator. They come in two types one for guitar and one for organ.
<i need to AB those pedals to see which one responds best to the melodica
<mic signal. i haven't done that because the local stores in Austin tx don't
<carry them. But maybe when i get to L.A. in Jan i might get one but that
<wasn't type of pedal i was discussing in my post.
<I'm looking for a pedal ,which to my knowledge has not yet been made, that
<would simulate the sound of a double reed cajun accordion. it woulds be
<tuned to musette tuning . i think that means one reed is 445 tuned and the
<other is 440. The technology to do that is out there i.e. octave pedals
<harmonizers etc in my pedal it would be just doubling the note and second
<note would be at 445. That way you could play a melodica and sound like
<Clifton Chenier or other great Cajun players. Could also be used for gypsy
<jazz on melodica and for accordion.
<I've had that idea for a number of years but never got anybody to build it,


Digitech built it.  All of the Digitech RPs offer a detune effect.  You could easily set up a detuned layer on the device that's 5 cents above or below the input signal.  The digitechs work fine with a mic at the input, so just put it in your FX chain and go.

The Digitechs also include a very convincing rotating speaker effect.  You can only use one modulation effect at a time on the RPs, so couldn't do both rotating speaker and detune at once, but it's there and it works. always has a nice assortment of used Digitech RPs in good to excellent condition for short money.  I'd recommend an RP255 as the starting point, RP360XP if you want the latest and greatest.  The 255 should run you $50-75 used, the RP360XP ABOUT $150.  Contact me offlist for more info if you like.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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