[Harp-L] Melodica

Hi everybody this is Paul Oscher im new on this harpL just read you
melodica post . I now play a hammond suzuki melodica. I liked the hohner 36
melodica but t he mic would pick up the click sound of the keys .i
used  the original hohner pickup customised with three crytal mics
equidistant on pick . The new suzuki hammond melodica has a few more keys
44 keys and the mic is built in .but the are a little small compared with
hohner 36  the coolest thing done with a melodica is to play it through a
leslie speaker its sound like hammond B2 i really like jean babtiste idea
of the growel and triple tounging ive never tried that- just vibrato which
actually sounds more like tremelo what i would really would like for the
melodica is a pedal so it would sound an accordion in musette tuning (
cajun style tuning) double reed efect one tuned 440 the other 445 im shure
that technology is there ie octave/ harmonizer pedal but i need someone to
make it is for me i use wireless connection for melodica so you can
walkaround  its a very cool instrument Muddys called it a piano harp This
is my first post so im not sure if i did right i wanted it to be part of
the melodica post please advise on this

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