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It looked to me as though it was two harmonicas put on top of each a tremolo and one a diatonic.
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Very  interesting. However:

1) This is not a mouth accordion. Mouth  accordions (or as they're more 
commonly known, "blow accordions") use keys or  buttons to select the notes and 
use the breath simply to suppy air. 

2)  What you'e come up with appears at first to be a chord harmonica. Chord 
 harmonicas have been around since perhaps the 1920s and continue to be  
produced in many forms.

Where you get my attention is when you then go  on to play melodies with it 
in addition to chords. True, the Chordomonica and  the Harmonetta also had 
that capability in the past, while in the present both  the Pulmonica and 
the Medical chord harmonica have such capabilities. However,  your version may 
be more flexible than the Chordomonica, Pulmonica and Schaman  Medical 
Chord harmonica, and easier to learn than the Harmonetta.

May I  suggest that you give more detail on how your invention improves on 
existing  ideas?


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Hi all. 
Let me introduce you  mouth  accordion  - a musical instrument that looks 
like, is constructed and has  playing technique similar to conventional 
harmonica, but it allows to play not  only solo but also accompaniment in any  
key .  Please, see detailed  demonstration on the video.

Nikita  Verkhovsky

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