[Harp-L] Tony Eyers Trio plays Old Timey

The Tony Eyers Trio have recorded Winder Slide, an Old Timey tune by Joe LeRose. You can see it at http://youtu.be/FoDojDfFg6w

Old Timey has elements of bluegrass and Irish, at a more gentle pace.. Like bluegrass, it comes largely from southern USA, with similar instruments. Like Irish music, players repeat the melodies over and over, without solos. Old Timey tunes are simple, however the style is deceptively hard to get.

While the tune sounds old, it is not. We've drawn upon Rayna Gellert's recording, attempting to emulate an old time fiddle style with two harmonicas.

Not sure how close we got to it. Let us know.

Tony Eyers
...everyone plays

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