[Harp-L] Tony Eyers explains Major Cross Tuning

I've made a video explaining the Major Cross tuning system, you can see it at https://youtu.be/-Fn6nfMAbuA

I came up with Major Cross around 20 years ago. Similar to the Lee Oskar Melody Maker tuning, it makes fast tunes easier to play. The initial idea was to play in 2nd (cross) position, hence the name Major Cross. However there are three other positions, each suited to different tune types. Major Cross also provides a wider range of chords than the standard Richter tuning.

And it is quick. To see what I mean, listen to this recording of Texas Gales, at http://www.harmonicaacademy.com/categories/20080808

While Major Cross underpins my traditional tune style, the standard Richter tuning is much better than Major Cross for blues. So I carry both tunings.

Tony Eyers
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