[Harp-L] Laurel & Hardy

Ok, a little Googling seems to have answered my questions about the Laurel
& Hardy dueling harmonicas scene in "Pick a Star".

First, the reason I never heard of this movie before is probably because
it's not "really" a Laurel & Hardy movie.   They just have a couple of
uncredited scenes in the movie.

Second,  according to IMDB the Laurel & Hardy harmonicas are played by an
actor named Robert McClung.   Any of you familiar with him?   According to
a harmonica site for kids called "The Toot Suite"
http://www.tootsuite.co.uk/crazy-harmonica-2/ , McClung was only 16 when he
played this Fox Chase!  Sadly, he died at the age of 25.   (What a
coincidence that Jason Ricci's Fox Chase is a topic of discussion on Harp-L


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