Re: [Harp-L] Amazing Slow Downer & Best Practice

even better...

free and incredibly easy. files must be in mp3 format to use this program.

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philharpn wrote:
> ...The next step is using Amazing SlowDowner or Transcribe
to slow the song down so you can hear all the notes cleanly. Not only can you
slow down the recording, you can loop sections so you can focus on the hard
> In addition to slowing the song down, the pitch can be adjusted to
bring the note back into real pitch -- if they were changed during the recording
or the YouTube process.
Another useful resource in this regard is the
Open-Source program, "Best


It's basically the same
thing as the full subscription version of 
Amazing Slow Downer, but it's

Many people also use Audacity, and I do too for other applications. For

a simple in and out time-stretch/pitch shift program, Best Practice is




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