[Harp-L] SPAH 2015

While this photo gallery is not comprehensive, it will show you one personâs SPAH 2015 experience in photos (mine).
Enjoy!  if your photo is included, I would be glad to email you the image to use with my permission in anyway that helps celebrate your  mastery of the instrument.  Enjoy!
http://www.digitalaspirations.com/Events/SPAH-2015 <http://www.digitalaspirations.com/Events/SPAH-2015>

This was my 4th year, I am hooked.  Getting to know the accomplished players keeps me inspired and working on my own skills.  While, with others I come to see the well know artists, I also go to support and benefit from those have made it their goal to be professional  âteachersâ for the harmonica playing community. They are invaluable to the âpreservationâ of the instrument and the true heroes of SPAH.  Personally, this year that meant David Barrett, Joe Filisko, Ronnie Shellist, Todd Parrott, Michael Rubin, Jon  Gindick, Phil Duncan, Pt Gazell, Greg Jones, Cara Cooke, Jimi Lee, and Howard levy. That is just a small list of those attending in a teaching role. We are blessed, that these accomplished artists also are willing to spend time sharing their expertise. Many charge for their services when not a SPAH (rightfully so) so it is true benefit of attending SPAH to spend time with them and hopefully for many find lasting teacher/student relationships that will grow our enjoyment of the instrument.

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